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Foot pedal wastebaskets

Commercial Foot-Pedal trash cans make throwing away trash easy. Simply step-on the pedal to lift the lid of a commercial step on trash can and throw away trash. These trash cans have a lid to help contain messes and smells. Offered in many different colors, commercial trash cans can be purchased to suit your design needs.

Foot-Pedal trash cans feature pedals at the bottom that allow you to open the can without the use of your hands. This way, you can throw away more items at once and keep your hands clean at the same time. We offer cans made of stainless steel, steel, and heavy-duty plastic, all are easy to clean for added convenience. As a result, you can choose foot-pedal trash cans based on their color to designate cans for specific waste or recycling and to prevent improper disposal.

Rubbermaid Commercial Mobile Step-On Container

Rubbermaid Commercial Step-On Container

  • Quiet, heavy-duty pedal for hands-free sanitary use
  • Assists in complying with OSHA
  • Lid helps keep odors and bacteria from escaping
  • Tough, puncture-resistant, all-plastic construction
  • 8 gallons to 23 gallons
  • Beige or red
Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim Metal 13G Front Step Can

Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim Front Step Can

  • Fits into tightest spaces with slim profile and small footprint
  • End step-on or side step-on
  • Minimizes noise with quiet, controlled lid
  • Hands-free opening with step-on pedal
  • Internal hinge to prevent wall damage
  • Easy to clean with smooth surfaces
  • 4 gallons to 23 gallon capacities
  • Stainless steel, black, beige, red or white
Safco Plastic Step-on Waste Receptacle

Safco Plastic Step-on Waste Receptacle

  • Large capacity for high-traffic areas
  • Hands-free access with convenient foot pedal
  • Easy to clean plastic
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • 17 or 23 gallon capacity
  • Black or beige
Safco Plastic Step-on 4-Gallon Receptacle

Safco Plastic Step-on 4 Gallon Receptacle

  • Hands-free solution for smaller spaces
  • Lid closes automatically after every use, preventing odors and hiding unsightly materials
  • 4 gallon capacity
  • Black
Rubbermaid Commercial Defenders Steel Step Cans

Rubbermaid Commercial Defenders Steel Step Cans

  • Use for safe containment of infectious waste
  • Complies with OBRA regulations, meets OSHA standards
  • Steel legs include nylon buttons to protect floor
  • Leak-proof rigid plastic liner
  • Piano-hinged lid restraint mechanism to protect walls
  • Folding steel retainer to hold bags
  • Durable, powder-coat finish 
  • UL listed; California Fire Marshal listed
  • 7 gallons to 24 gallon capacity
  • Stainless steel, red or white 
Safco Ellipse Hands Free Step-On Receptacle

Safco Ellipse Hands Free Step-On Receptacle

  • Step-on for hands-free use
  • Fits in any corner of the room to save space
  • Fingerprint-proof surface
  • Rigid plastic liner with built-in bag retainer
  • Slow-closing lid prevents slamming
  • 3, 7 or 12 gallon capacities
  • Stainless steel or white
HLS Commercial 13-Gallon Pedal-Sensor Trash Can

HLS Commercial 13-Gallon Pedal-Sensor Trash Can

  • One-tap foot sensor for easy lid opening
  • Three different opening options by foot tapping
  • Neutralizes odors with activated carbon deodorizer
  • Carry handle for easy mobility
  • Retainer ring for trash bag
  • Stainless steel with plastic top with black, red or white trim
  • Fingerprint proof, stainless steel finish
  • 13 gallon capacity
Rubbermaid Commercial 1971968 65 Gallon BRUTE Step-On Rollout Container

Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Step-On Rollout Containers

  • Hands-free lid operation
  • Comfortable push or pull with ergonomic rear handle
  • Secure lid positioning
  • Compliant with auto-lifters
  • Easy to clean; robust wheels; commercial-grade construction
  • 50 or 65 gallon capacity