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Menstrual disposal in public and work restrooms has looked the same way for many years. A stainless-steel box mounted to the wall with a lid you manually open to place menstrual products inside. In some cases, a regular uncovered garbage is available, and sometimes, there is nothing at all. Leaving people to come up with last-minute disposal alternatives like flushing products down the toilet.

While menstruating has not changed, what we consider safe and hygienic has. Did you know infectious diseases and foodborne illnesses like: COVID-19, Hepatitis, and Salmonella to name only a few, can last on stainless steel wall boxes for up to 3 days. Why are businesses still using manual menstrual disposal solutions that promote the spread of infectious bacteria? In order to achieve good menstrual hygiene management, it is vitally important that businesses provide effective and hygienic sanitary waste units for the disposal of products.

EvoGen System

Evogen System

The EvoGen no-touch receptacle provides easy, safe and sanitary disposal of used menstrual care products with a wave of the hand. Dispenses Scensibles bags with an antimicrobial agent for individual disposal and odor control. Also includes handles and perfect fitting liners bags to prevent contamination of the receptacle, keeping maintenance staff safe from blood-borne pathogens.

Janibell Privé System

Janibell Prive

The Janibell Privé system offers touch-free operation for easy, safe and sanitary disposal of used menstrual care products with a wave of the hand. It features continuous liners which use less material, save labor and allow service personnel to dispose of the contents without seeing or touching the waste. White plastic with a moisture resistant coating. Wall mount with optional base stand.