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Touchless Utensil Dispenser System - Eco-Products-Cutlerease-Base-w-Refills-Image-627x1024


This countertop Touchless Utensil Dispenser System delivers utensils touch-free, preventing the accumulation and transfer of germs and bacteria. It features a compact space saving design that delivers utensils handle first.

Refills have a convenient tape tab for easy pick up and loading of cutlery into the cartridge without having to touch any part of the cutlery. Utensils are BPI Certified 100% compostable, supporting zero waste programs.

Touchless Utensil Dispenser System - Eco-Catridge-Slide

Cartridges slide in and out for easy loading.

Touchless Utensil Dispenser System - Eco-Reload-Tab

Red tab indicates when cartridge is low. 

Touchless Utensil Dispenser System - Eco-Priming-Trigger

Priming trigger loads cutlery with one touch.

Features & Benefits

Set Up & Loading



Touchless Utensil Dispenser Systems are provided free of charge and shipped directly to your facility within 10 days.
There is an initiation fee of $35 for each Cutlerease Dispensing System (3 cartridges & base).

Customer agrees to buy all cutlery from AAA Business Supplies & Interiors, which is normally delivered next business day.
A lease agreement is required to participate in the program.



Cutlerease™ Dispensable Renewable & Compostable Fork – 6″ 960/cs

Cutlerease™ Dispensable Renewable & Compostable Knife – 6″ 960/cs

Cutlerease™ Dispensable Renewable & Compostable Spoon – 6″ 960/cs


Touchless Utensil Dispenser System - smartstock

The Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Series-W Wrapped Cutlery Dispenser offers an innovative take on wrapped cutlery. This trio of modular plastic utensil dispensers helps reduce cost, increase food safety and increase efficiency. Wrapped only at the critical end, the cutlery uses 60% less wrap than fully wrapped cutlery, reducing waste and cross contamination.

  • One-at-a-time dispensing helps reduce total usage.
  • Helps reduce cross contamination.
  • Fits in tight spaces, reducing storage needs.
  • Red, yellow, green indicators quickly show which refills are needed.
  • Uses less wrap than fully wrapped cutlery, resulting in less waste.
  • Pre-loaded cutlery skewers help reduce loading time.