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So many options with cleaning wipers… How do you choose the correct one for your needs?


Strong microfiber cleaning wipers have been shown in many studies to achieve superior cleaning and better microbe removal than traditional cloth products. The fibers themselves are typically split to create wedges/hooks that act as “claws” for superior dirt and microbial removal. In addition, microfiber is positively charged, attracting negatively charged dirt and microbes.

Microfiber comes in many different grades and is comprised of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide (nylon) fiber. It can be used for wet or dry cleaning, and depending on the quality of the material, it may be reusable. Reusable products do run the risk of retaining bacteria, which is why some users choose to use disposable wipers in spite of the better cleaning provided by microfiber.

Microfiber cloths come in multiple colors to help differentiate colors used for different applications, such as washrooms vs. cafes/breakrooms, to help prevent cross contamination.

Cleaning Wipers - Double-Re-Creped-Tech


DRC wipers are the most economical and popular style of wiper. They are designed for wet applications only, are stronger than traditional paper towels, and offer the most absorbency of any wipers. DRC wipers are cellulose based with a binder infused into them.

DRC wipers are available in different grades and weights. They have a softer feel than hydroentangled wipers, described in the next section. Blue DRC wipers are often used for shop applications as they hide grease and grime better than white wipers, encouraging the longer use of the wiper.

Cleaning Wipers - drc-vrs-ord-paper-towels-300x265
Cleaning Wipers - Wipeall
Cleaning Wipers - Highpressure HEF


HEF wipers are the strongest and most durable wiper. They are solvent resistant and can be used for wet or dry applications. They offer the lowest lint so they are good for machines and tools that cannot have lint deposits left on them.

HEF wipers are made from entangled pulp and polypropylene with no binders. They too are available in different grades and weights. Different manufacturers may refer to them as HydroKnit or WaterWeave wipers.

Wiper Packaging Options

Pop-Up Boxes:

  • Pop up one or two towels at a time.

  • Different towel sizes and counts.

  • Single sheet pull. Towel sizes and number of sheets per box vary.

Cleaning Wipers - Sellars Tool Box Wipers

Single pop-up boxes

Cleaning Wipers - Sellars Dual-pop-top

Dual pop-up boxes


  • Plastic buckets with pop up towels. Wall bracket included with bucket.

  • Wall mounted upside down (recommended) or right side up.

  • Purchase refills to lower costs, making this option less expensive per towel than pop up boxes.

  • Easily slides off wall bracket for mobile use.

Cleaning Wipers - Sellars-wall-mount
Cleaning Wipers - Sellars on-hanger Wall

Jumbo Rolls:

  • Most popular as most cost-effective choice per towel for high volume users.

  • Use with a wall dispenser or floor stand.

  • Typically perforated. Towel sizes and number of sheets per roll vary.


Cleaning Wipers - Free-standing-roll-unit-1-201x300

Free Standing

Cleaning Wipers - Wall-mount-1-279x300

Wall Mount