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For Your Workspaces

Acoustic panels enhance the comfort and function of every office space by absorbing sound and lowering noise levels. Overall, they help increase concentration and productivity, creating a superior work atmosphere. We have the acoustic solutions for all your office spaces.

Have you been in an office setting listening to the ambient noise going on around you? The clicking of a pen, phones ringing, the tapping of a foot, or the rustling of papers? These noises can add to distractions, slowing workflow in your environment.

Let our design team match your current décor with acoustic floor panels, wall panels, and hanging ceiling panels. We offer a large variety of acoustical floor, ceiling and wall applications for soundproofing your office.

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Create A 

A workplace buzzing with excitement can increase productivity. However, taken a step too far, workers will be driven to distraction. So, keep disruptive noise levels at bay with panels designed to help with sound absorption and noise reduction. Panels made with sound deadening material and acoustic treatments work best.

Wall tiles made with acoustic material, get the job done by controlling noise levels while also making a design statement. The tiles are made with a wide variety of color and style options that easily attach to walls. Unique patterns add texture and dimension for an environment that’s pitch-perfect.

Screen and tile options with sound insulation built-in for walls, ceilings, and floors to reduce noises anywhere it is needed.

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Hanging Screen 
& Celling Tile 
Acoustic Solutions

High and mighty becomes a good thing with ceiling-hung acoustical options. Visually dramatic open pattern hanging screens separate spaces and minimize noisy distractions while allowing light and air to pass through.

Maintain a high profile with sound-absorbing tiles and baffles that suspend from any ceiling with simple and quick installation. Custom designs and colors are available to suit any work environment décor.

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How & 
To Use Acoustic Panels

It’s crucial to determine the correct location of acoustic panels to limit sound transfers reducing background noise and reverb time. Finding the ideal positioning depends on several factors including:

  • 1. Room type
  • 2. The activity of the space
  • 3. Existing furniture
  • 4. Materials in the space (e.g. glass, plastic, wood).

For example, in smaller rooms sound waves bounce against near by walls as they are close to the sound source. 

As a consequence, you should be looking into using wall-mounted acoustic panels for sound dampening. Panels will help absorb the sound by reducing the number of waves that are sent back into the room.

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In large spaces or open-plan offices, sound waves behave differently. Sound energy multiplies in any space, but less sound bounces back in a room with more extensive areas. The original sound sometimes drops off before reaching a hard surface.

Yet, often sound waves do hit a hard surface before dropping dead, typically bouncing off the ceiling rather than the walls. In these cases, a combination of room dividers and horizontal ceiling tiles help improve the office acoustics considerably. When suspended from the ceiling, horizontal panels absorb undesired sound waves in an office environment. Sound absorbent lighting can also really help here!

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For improved acoustic performance, install ceiling panels in different suspension heights. The air pockets between the panels will capture sound waves, preventing them from traveling even further in spaces with high ceilings.


In conclusion, our professional & dedicated design team and installers are here to help you revive your office spaces. Using colorful acoustic solutions brings focus and less noise distraction to you and your fellow employees. Whether you want custom design patterns or ready-made panels, we are here every step of the way.