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AAA Educational Solutions helps you transform traditional learning environments into the collaborative, flexible, active and engaged environments required to effectively teach today’s digitally focused generations. Today, learning happens everywhere, whether it is in the classroom, makerspace area, media center, or social spaces. We bring you the latest designs and products to enhance learning opportunities for all students, while also helping you create more enjoyable and productive working spaces for teachers and staff.


Makerspaces give new generations exactly what they need – a fun and dynamic space for actively engaged learning. Their flexible, supportive, and collaborative designs promote creativity, exploration, innovation and problem-solving via hands-on learning environments. Makerspaces provide the perfect blend of space, mobility, flexibility, tools, and project materials, whether in a dedicated STEM or STEAM makerspace or used to transform a lab or renovate a computer room. After all, who doesn’t like learning and sharing with friends!

Traditional Classrooms

It all starts in the classroom, and the classroom needs to be more flexible than ever, reconfiguring easily. That includes seating in all sizes that allows students to stand, sit, roll, flex or lounge, and height adjustable desks for working individually or that easily arrange into various shape collaborative pods. Add to that the flexible storage needed to support adaptive learning spaces. Let us help you design spaces that spark the enthusiasm and creativity needed to maximize student and teacher enjoyment and success!


STEM labs provide students with an unparalleled opportunity to learn and experiment in collaborative ways in these disciplines, creating the knowledgeable workforce we require for the future. The furniture needs to be exceptionally durable, and able to withstand the chemicals, tools and temperatures of this environment. It also needs to provide safe, secure storage space for everything from potentially dangerous chemicals to microscopes, 3D printers and robotics. Plus it needs to be able to accommodate plumbing as well as provide the additional safety features needed for these labs. A great STEM classroom helps lead to the technological advances of tomorrow!


School Offices, Classrooms, Business Offices, Hybrid Workplaces, Smart Buildings, Laboratories, Factories, Audio-visual Products, Digital Advertising, Retail Displays, Trade Shows, and Retrofits

Media Spaces

Students are more tech-savvy than ever. Media Centers provide them with the technology, connectivity and resources to make the most of their abilities. These centers, whether housed in the library or as standalone spaces, have blossomed into social centers for small and large group learning activities, while also providing quiet areas for independent reflection. AAA can help you enhance your current spaces to maximize the essential learning that takes place in these thoughtfully designed areas.

Social Spaces

Learning happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. It happens in cafeterias, cafes, lounge areas, or in the small breakout spaces in the “in between” areas. Providing comfortable, inviting social spaces encourages students to be inspired, whether they work alone or gather to intuitively problem solve, debate, create and learn. Equally important today, social spaces provide a safe comfortable space where students can relax and de-stress, or simply connect with or make new friends. We can help you create inviting and varied social spaces that address all these needs.


Cafeterias often serve as the hub where both additional learning and socializing take place. They can range from traditional to more innovative café style social spaces today, incorporating tables, booths and soft seating. It all depends on your budget, environment and culture. Naturally durability and cleanability are also key. Take a look at some of the stylish choices available.


Libraries – where great discoveries can happen! They allow for individual discovery, or collaborative group discovery, via a wide variety of media.  Accordingly, they should encompass many comfortable study options, from seating that allows lounging, sitting or perching, to desks that allow individual study, group study, standing options etc. Naturally, connectivity is ever important today as well, and depending on the environment, you may choose to add sound dampening. We would be happy to work with you to create the perfect mixture of furniture and mood to encourage your students to increase their knowledge.

Teacher’s Lounge

Teachers need a comfortable and inviting space where they can refresh, recharge, and refocus, and take a break from the classroom. We have lots of ideas to share with you, from furnishings to refreshments.

Admin Offices & Teachers Desks

Administrators are more effective when they have well designed work spaces, allowing them to efficiently accomplish their critical role of supporting teachers and helping students. We specialize in these work spaces as we have an entire commercial furniture division. Plus teachers need warm and inviting offices where they can meet with students and parents, and get their grading and admin work done in peace and comfort.


Students carry a ton of stuff around, from backpacks to laptops to boards to clothing. Lockers are great, when needed, for security or to free up workspaces. Plus lockers still play a big role in storing sporting equipment. Also, as workspaces have been downsized, administrators and teachers may find lockers are perfect to store and safeguard their personal belongings. Lockers are available in all many designs, sizes and colors, coordinating with any environment. Let us know your application and we will suggest solutions.


Teachers love to have plenty of storage today to organize and safeguard all the materials needed for today’s active learning classrooms. This can include art supplies and drawings, school supplies, binders, sports equipment, tools, knapsacks and clothing, to name just some items. Fortunately, we offer storage cabinets perfect for all these items, in many different styles!

Display Cases

Positive school spirit creates such a great atmosphere for everyone! A perfect way to encourage it, and motivate performance among existing students, is to showcase student and school achievements and awards. We offer lots of display cabinets to help with this, from floor and counter displays to recessed wall displays in glass, wood and metal.

Outdoor Furniture

Who doesn’t like the chance to get outdoors during school? It can be invigorating and stimulate creativity. Take a look at some of the fun, comfortable and durable outdoor furniture options that are available to make these moments more rewarding!

What's Hot In Design

Optimal school furniture layout fosters a conducive learning environment, promoting engagement and comfort for students. Thoughtful arrangement maximizes space utilization, facilitates interaction, and enhances focus. Let’s design spaces that inspire creativity and academic excellence! Click a catalog below to view.

Kids Seating Section

Esser Funds

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides funding to LEAs through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER I) Fund, to address the impact of COVID-19 on elementary and secondary schools.

Education Solutions - ESSR Funds

Cooperative Contracts

Receive all of the savings with none of the bidding. Take advantage of our public sector cooperative supplies contract with Omnia Partners, or education furniture cooperative contracts awarded to Hon, MooreCo, Scholar Craft, KI, Jonti-craft, OFS-Carolina, Jasper, Global and Smith Systems. Give us a call for more details or to review pricing.

Coop Logos - 1000 x 300



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Admin Offices & Teachers Desks

Locker Solutions

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