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Using concentrated chemicals is much more cost effective than using Ready-To-Use (RTU) pre-mixed chemicals, reducing cost by up to 90%. Plus using concentrated chemicals is much more environmentally friendly as it cuts down plastic usage and the need to transport bottles. It is important that the chemicals are being diluted correctly to insure they are working effectively, keeping your team safe.

This is where the Betco FastDraw chemical management system comes into play. Using it will deliver significant financial and environmental benefits while insuring the correct dilutions of cleaning chemicals and disinfectants are being used by the cleaning staff.

The systems quickly fills quart bottles, buckets and autoscrubbers. The FastDraw dispenser unit can be mounted on walls near a sink/water source, or a portable version can be used throughout your facility with a hose attachment. The wall mount units can hold 1 or 4 chemical bottles. Dilution systems also minimize chemical contact with the cleaning staff, improving safety. Please take a look at the below videos and brochures and contact us with additional questions on Betco dilutions systems.

Introduction Videos