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Cordless Mobile Power Solutions

For Zero Net Carbon Facilities

School Offices, Classrooms, Business Offices,  Hybrid Workplaces, Smart Buildings, Laboratories, Factories, Audio-visual Products, Digital Advertising, Retail Displays, Trade Shows, and Retrofits

Hitch® by Byrne

Hitch is a portable, battery powered charger allows 3-sided access, which means you can share it with friends or keep it to yourself and spread out across the entire table. Add 2 smart charging USB-A ports, a single USB-C, and an indicator that lets you know your charge level and suddenly you’ve become a pretty powerful person. Check out the short video below!

  • 11.6 amp/hr Lithium Ion Battery 
  • Fully charged in 4 hours or less
  • 2 fast charging USB-A Ports
  • 1 smart charging USB-C Port
  • LED battery indicator light
Play Video about Mobile Power Solutions - Hitch 5

Vesta™ by Byrne

The Byrne Vesta Battery that you have grown to love just got even better. Vesta’s portable design can turn almost any space into a collaborative space, providing mobile power where normal outlets fail to reach. With Vesta, you can get together, plug in, and get to work – wherever you work. Check out the short video below!

Play Video about Mobile Power Solutions - Vesta 7

Available now, the Vesta Battery boasts a super-powerful battery with 4X the capacity of the original. And yes – that means charging laptops! Includes (2) 60W USB-C, (1) 20W USB-C and (1) 10W USB-A ports.

Vesta is also available in a corded version that combines USB-A, USB-C and traditional 110 power, to charge laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other devices.

QikPac By August Berres

August Berres introduces QikPac integrated battery power. Now you can power all your office equipment without concerns about your wiring layout.

Thier power systems are designed to use QIKPAC CARRY, an entirely new product developed by OE Electrics as part of their Animate Product Line. watch short video below.

Indicator lights on the face of the QikPac Carry tell users which are fully charged or partially charged.

The angled face of the Charging Center enables users to easily see the status of everything.

QIKPAC CARRY includes commercial-grade 240Wh Lithium-Ion batteries as well as USB-A and USB-C ports in a user-friendly carry case.

Play Video about Mobile Power Solutions - QIKPAC 4

replaE By August Berres

replaE, Cordless Power for any furniture. One of the most sustainable actions you can do is to extend the life of things you already own. Upgrade your existing furniture with QIKPAC Carry cordless power and move it anywhere without the cost of electrical reconfigurations.

Cordless hybrid workplaces may be in your future but why wait? Existing or third-party furniture can be cordlessly powered too. 

ReplaE will power a workstation for typical users for about 6 hours. This includes a laptop, and two extra monitors (up to 27”). A dual monitor connection is standard.

Or pursue an upgrade like adding connections for dual monitors, wireless phone charging, and USB-A and -C ports.

Mobile Power Solutions - Replae 2

Respond! by August Berres

Respond! The first office systems Mobile desk product that eliminates cords and wires on the floor!

If your organization is challenged with solutions for hybrid work facilities, August Berres’ Respond! is the industry’s most flexible systems furniture with built-in QIKPAC power pack.

Besides powering all your workplace equipment without 120V wiring, all products in the line are mobile. You can easily reconfigure spaces as your needs evolve. A perfect fit for smart buildings.

Mobile Power Solutions - Respond 4

JUCE by August Berres

Introducing Juce, the first cordless, mobile system for laptops & monitors. Put monitors everywhere without being near a 120V outlet! Or simply use Juce as a portable source of power.

Juce is available in four standard solutions. Select the version that best meets your needs for monitor size, power storage, and stability.

Mobile Power Solutions - Juce Power Stations 3

You can also use Juce as a simple power source for situations where you have more devices than outlets. Or as a quickly-deployed source of power during a power interruption or outage.