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Re-envision your workspace to create a healthy and comfortable space for your employees.

Space Dividers

The amount of space allocated to open plans has been dramatically increased in today’s office. However, having too much open space in one area can be counter-productive to collaboration and concentration. Mobile space dividers and lighter scale shelving units can serve as perfect space dividers. Plus, mobile boards often include a writable surface, making them a perfect collaborative tool to be brought into meetings, when needed.

Architectural Walls

Demountable glass walls can create beautiful meeting or office spaces. They provide privacy, allow light to pass through the space, and tend to keep everyone more engaged, connected and alert than when they are closed up in walled spaces.

In addition, as these walls are not permanent, they are not subject to the long amortization schedules of fixed walls. Check with your accountant about whether this option would be financially advantageous for you.


Biophilic design elements are increasingly being incorporated into office designs as employees want an office space that encourages calmness and a sense of nature. Plants make most people feel happier and more at peace. It is also widely believed that plant life contributes to improved human health, which is more on employee minds today than ever before. It may be time to consider bringing some of the outdoors indoors, to maximize morale and creativity. We would be happy to grow and fertilize some possibilities with you!

Indoor Benches

Benches often bring a refined look to a space and provide yet another touchdown area where people can collaborate. They are available in a wide variety of materials and sizes, allowing them to be matched to any décor.

Outdoor Furniture

Many employees love getting outdoors during the workday, whether for a personal break or for a business meeting. More and more companies are designing outdoor spaces for these purposes, especially given the increased employee concerns about indoor air quality. The spaces can really be inspirational! Take a look at the gallery to see the great diversity in tables and seating available.

acousticAL solutions

Acoustical solutions that reduce sound enhance the comfort and productivity of employees. They are available in unlimited designs, sizes, colors and shapes, and can be used to add an exciting design flare to any space. They can be placed just about anywhere, as standalone or mobile panels, applied to walls, floors or ceilings, or hung from the ceiling. Plus they can also serve as visual space dividers, creating privacy. Let our design team work with you to determine how to optimize their effectiveness in your facility!

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