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Tork Restroom & Breakroom Options

Tork Restroom & Breakroom Options

Tork Wheel of Products

LEt Your employees & customers know they’re appreciated

71% of users of high-traffic commercial restrooms have had a negative experience. Tork’s solutions are hygienic, attractive and easy to use. Plus Tork high-capacity systems serve twice as many people per refill, making it easier to keep restrooms well-stocked and ready for use. Features like compressed refills and Easy Handling™ packaging increase efficiency, so staff have more time for cleaning.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Tork PeakServe® Continuous™ Standard Paper Hand Towel Dispenser H5

Tork PeakServe® the latest innovation designed for high-traffic washrooms where staff needs to maximize cleaning time and maintain a good flow of people. Compatible with Tork PeakServe® Continuous™ hand towels, the system has a very high capacity of over 2100 towels, which can be dispensed quickly and without interruption to keep the flow. The compressed refills are fast to fill, can be topped up at any time and are easy to store and transport, enabling staff to focus on cleaning, not refilling.  Compression means 250% more hand towels, preventing unexpected run outs. Top up with hand towels when it suits you. More flexibility means more time to clean. Taking a towel is always smooth and easy with our patented Continuous hand towel system. The dispensers also work with Tork Vision Cleaning software to provide the janitorial staff with real-time service information.

Dispenser Size: 28.74 x 14.57 x 3.98 (73 x 37.01 x 10.11 cm)

Get to Know Tork PeakServe

Tork PeakServe® Continuous™ Mini Paper Hand Towel Dispenser H5

The Tork® PeakServe® Mini Continuous™ Hand Towel Dispenser is a smaller version of the above TorkServe PeakServe dispenser. It holds 1,230 vs. 2,100 towels, which is still a lot of towels and hand dries! Did we mention the PeakServe system is certified easy-to-use by the Swedish Rheumatism Association (SRA), making sure hygiene is accessible for all?

Dispenser Size: 19.3 x 14.44 x 3.97 (49.02 x 36.68 x 10.08 cm)

Tork Image® Hand Towel Roll Stainless Steel dispenser H1:

Tork Image® dispensers combine efficiency with functionality, design and a sophisticated appearance. The one-at-a-time towel dispensing helps control and reduce overall waste in the restroom by conserving each roll. The dispensers have a large capacity and are tailored to restrooms with high activity. The slightly brushed stainless steel casing is fingerprint-proof and always looks impeccably clean, ensuring your restroom is always hygienic and representative of the quality of your business. Available with touchless or manual dispensing. Image dispensers also work with the Tork Vision Cleaning software for real-time service information.


Tork Elevation H1 Roll Towel Dispensers include all the design benefits of the above H1 dispensers. However, they feature high-gloss, high-quality plastic with soft, rounded edges and unique see-through windows, making them a stylish addition for almost any environment. Two choices of Touchless or Manual. Touchless works with Tork Vision Cleaning software integration for real-time service information.

Dispenser Size Touchless: 14.5 x 13 x 8 (36.83 x 33.02 x 20.32 cm)

Dispenser Size Manual: 14.6 x 13.2 x 8.1 (37.21 x 33.53 x 20.57 cm)


Tork® Xpress® is a top-of-the-line multifold towel dispenser system for when making an impression is important. This dispenser complements the high-quality finish and materials of an upscale restroom with slim and attractive designs. This functional dispenser has soft, rounded edges and unique see-through windows for easy refills. The high-gloss covering made of high-quality plastic in black or white is an excellent addition to your restroom. Also works with Tork Vision Cleaning software for real-time service information.

Dispenser Size: 17.5 x 11.9 x 4.0 (44.4 x 30.2 x 10.2 cm)


Make an impression with the Tork® Xpress® top-of-the-line multifold towel dispenser. This product complements the high-quality finish and materials of an upscale business and is perfect for low to medium-traffic restrooms. The products of the Tork Elevation line are crisp, practical and modern—an effortless, functional dispenser with soft rounded edges and unique see-through windows. The high-gloss covering made of high-quality plastic in black or white always makes an excellent impression on visitors to your restroom. 

Dispenser Size: 11.6 x 11.9 x 4.0 (29.5 x 30.2 x 10.1 cm)

Tork Xpress® Countertop Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser H2

This compact countertop top-of-the-line multifold towel dispenser system is ideal when making an impression is important, or when wall space mounting is not possible. It also works well with the high-quality finish and materials of an upscale restroom. The dispenser dispenses single sheets to control consumption. It offers a slim, attractive design and features soft, rounded edges, a see-through window and suction pads to keep it staple on the counter. Available in finger-proof stainless steel, or a high-gloss high-quality plastic in black or white.

Dispenser Size: 7.92 x 12.68 x 4.56 (20.12 x 32.21 x 11.58 cm)

Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Tork Twin coreless High Capacity Bath Tissue Roll Dispenser T7

Did you know that 1 in 5 office workers refrain from using the toilets at work due to their perception of the restroom as non-hygienic or messy, and that 3 in 4 office workers believe poor office hygiene indicates the employer does not care about employees?

Keep your employees and customers happy while saving your staff time and effort with Tork’s compact, high-capacity coreless bath tissue dispenser. The stylish black or white dispensers hold two 1,000 perforated sheet rolls, which is twice as much bath tissue as conventional toilet paper rolls, leading to fewer run outs. The convenient see-through window indicates when it’s time to refill, and the refill rolls come with an easy transport handle.

Tork coreless bath tissue provides a number of environmental benefits, while meeting facility requirements for LEED. The rolls are made from 100% recycled fiber, get fully used up leaving no waste, eliminate the paper used to wrap each roll, eliminate the cardboard used to create the toilet tissue inner core, and are poly bundled eliminating 95% of traditional carton packaging. Tork provides spindle kits to adapt existing tissue dispensers to accept these environmentally preferred coreless rolls, making it unnecessary to change out dispensers in order to switch to a superior coreless solution. The Tork Coreless dispensers work with the Tork Vision Cleaning software for real-time service information.

Dispenser Size: 8.225 x 14.173 x 5.078 (20.9 x 36.0 x 12.9 cm)

Tork Twin Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser T2

In busy restrooms, it can be challenging to keep bath tissue refilled. Improve the guest experience and save staff time with this dispenser. It holds two high-capacity mini jumbo toilet paper rolls, reducing the risk of run-outs. Its optimal roll brake avoids free spin, which minimizes waste and consumption. This dispenser has a functional, modern design that enhances your space. It’s compatible with Tork® toilet paper, which breaks up easily in all plumbing systems. Also works with Tork Vision Cleaning software for real-time service information.

Dispenser size: 10.12 x 17.0 x 5.68 (25.72 x 43.18 x 14.45 cm)

Tork Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser T1

Spend less time refilling toilet paper in your establishment’s restroom. This Tork® jumbo bath tissue dispenser features an extra high capacity that reduces maintenance time. Plus, a see-through window shows when it’s time for a refill. These jumbo toilet paper roll dispensers are ideal for high-traffic spaces in need of improved efficiency and reduced costs. Its functional enclosed design provides a modern update for your facility. Also works with Tork Vision Cleaning software for real-time service information.

Dispenser Size: 14.2 x 17.2 x 5.2 (36.0 x 43.7 x 13.3 cm)

Tork Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser T2

Stop overspending on toilet paper by adding this Tork® dispenser to your space. Designed for medium to high-traffic spaces, this dispenser reduces cost and improves efficiency. The dispenser’s high capacity requires less frequent refills, and a see-through window indicates when you need more bath tissue. A functional, modern design makes a lasting impression on your guests. Also works with Tork Vision Cleaning software for real-time service information.

Dispenser Size: 10.8 x 13.6 x 5.2 (27.5 x 34.5 x 13.2 cm)

Tork High Capacity Twin Toilet Paper Dispenser T26

Outfitting small high-traffic restrooms can be challenging. Avoid toilet paper run-outs and unhappy guests with a commercial toilet paper dispenser that’s compact and high capacity. This bath tissue dispenser holds twice as much toilet paper than conventional dispensers so your staff can spend more time cleaning and less time refilling. It also protects the secondary bath tissue roll from exposure to the restroom environment for improved hygiene.

Dispenser Size: 14.2 x 6.3 x 6.46 (36.07 x 16.0 x 16.41 cm)

Tork OptiCore® High Capacity Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser T10

Empty toilet paper dispensers irritate guests but Tork® patented OptiCore® technology and high capacity rolls keep dispensers filled longer. These dispensers ensure each roll is used before the next roll is accessible so less bath tissue is wasted. The closed design protects rolls for more hygienic restrooms. Additionally, OptiCore® rolls reduce environmental impact with 25% less core material than conventional rolls.

Dispenser Size: 9.93 x 16.62 x 5.25 ( 25.22 x 42.21 x 13.34 cm)

Tork OptiCore® Twin Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser T11

Managing waste while maintaining high standards can be a challenge but a high-capacity, reduced waste and improved quality are all part of the patented Tork OptiCore® technology. The closed dispenser protects bath tissue for better restroom hygiene and ensures maximum use of each roll before the next one is accessible. High capacity rolls mean fewer refills and less maintenance cost. This patented system balances cost and performance for customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Dispenser Size: 8.81 x 11.06 x 7.18 (22.37 x 28.09 x 18.24 cm)

Tork OptiCore® 3-Roll Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser Black T11

Improve your guests’ restroom experience with the patented Tork OptiCore® dispensing system designed to minimize maintenance and maximize cost savings. OptiCore® ensures the maximum use of each Tork toilet paper roll before the next is accessible, for fewer refills and less waste and staffing cost. Combined with OptiCore® soft and absorbent bath tissue, the system offers more customer satisfaction and less maintenance expense for you.

Dispenser Size: W 14.1″ H 14.6″ D 6.3″

Tork Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser V1

Say goodbye to time-consuming restroom toilet seat cover dispenser refills. The Tork Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser improves hygiene with refills that stay covered and protected until they’re dispensed. Intuitive dispensing makes the refills easy to access for patrons. Plus, one-at-a-time dispensing reduces waste and over-consumption. This dispenser holds an entire pack of refills, allowing you to quickly and easily refill it.

Skin Care Options

Tork Counter Mount Sensor Skincare Dispenser S26

This soap dispenser features an in-counter, touch-free faucet with a chrome finish for a modern look. The dispenser comes with a 6-foot hose for flexible placement and front-loading design for easy refilling and service. Suitable for high-traffic restrooms, this dispenser can serve up to 2,650 guests per refill*. Its sensor-driven design allows for hygienic hand-washing and the soap dose size is adjustable to suit your needs. *Based on 0.5mL dose size and an average 1.5 doses per visitor.

Tork Intuition™ Sensor Skincare Dispenser S4

Tork Skincare Dispenser with Intuition™ Sensor in Elevation Design allows you to make a good impression on your guests and can be used with a wide range of skincare products in sealed bottles. Its touch-free dispensing secures good hand hygiene for all users. Elevation dispensers have a functional and modern design that makes a lasting impression on your guests. Also works with Tork Vision Cleaning software for real-time service information.

Tork Skincare Manual Dispenser S4

Never leave guests with a bad front-of-house impression again. Made with high-gloss plastic housing, this Tork skincare dispenser has a functional and modern design. The closed, sealed system helps promote good hand hygiene for all guests and helps reduce the risk of contamination. Designed for effortless cleaning and intuitive maintenance, the mechanical “paddle” dispenser features refilling in less than 10 seconds. ** The Tork Skincare Dispenser system can be used with a wide range of Tork S4 soap and sanitizer skincare products in sealed bottles. **Based on internal panel test soap refilling time.

Towel & Tissue Refill Options

Facility Management Software

Tork Vision Cleaning Banner


What if you could reduce 20% of your cleaning hours and avoid complaints about paper towels, toilet tissue and soap running out in restrooms? Well, Tork Vision Cleaning® facility management software may be your answer, leveraging real-time data to bring a whole new level of efficiency and quality to cleaning operations. The data comes from connected visitor traffic devices and paper dispenser systems (paper towels/toilet tissue refill levels), and is communicated via the cloud to the easy-to-use Tork vision software, which prioritizes the information and directs cleaning teams to where they are needed most and when. The real-time information on cleaning needs is available on any digital device, 24/7, in a safe cloud solution powered by Microsoft Azure. The result is a new logic for cleaning that provides concrete savings, greater customer satisfaction and an extraordinary boost to staff motivation.

See below for options on 3 different levels of cleaning data, depending on size, number of sites and complexity. The first option is 100% software based while the next 2 options combine software with building and dispenser sensor data. Clean the right places at the right time, avoiding unnecessary cleaning activities!


Tork Vision Cleaning Brochure

Recessed Cabinet Options

Tork PeakServe® Large Recessed Cabinet Paper Hand Towel Adapter H5

The Tork® large Cabinet Paper Towel Dispenser Adapter works to minimize downtime, refills and repairs for your bathroom paper towels. This adapter takes under five minutes to install and gives you the benefits of a Tork PeakServe® design within an existing recessed cabinet.

Dispenser Size: W 14.4″ H 20.4″ D 3.8″

Tork PeakServe® Mini Recessed Cabinet Paper Hand Towel Adapter H5

Avoid extensive restroom renovations with the Tork® PeakServe® Small Recessed Cabinet Adapter. Equipped to fit a range of recessed cabinets, it can be installed in under five minutes. With the ability to increase capacity by up to 40%, this system is ideal for high-traffic restrooms where dispensers require regular checks to avoid towel run-outs.

Dispenser Size: W 14.4″ H 17.7″ D 3.8″ 

Tork Matic® Recessed Hand Towel Roll Dispenser Stainless Steel H1

The In-Wall Recessed Tork Matic® Hand Towel Dispenser, with or without Intuition Sensor™, is available in beautiful stainless steel and can be mounted directly into your wall. It is equipped to fit a range of existing recessed cabinets. The one-at-a-time dispensing reduces consumption and improves hygiene. This sensor roll towel system gives guests the ultimate no-touch hand drying experience. Part of the Tork Image Design™ line. Two sizes available including manual or touch-free dispensing options. Touch-free also works with Tork Vision Cleaning software for real-time service information.

Dispenser Size: W 17.6″ H 20.6″ D 7.9″  Or  W 17.6″ H 27.0″ D 7.9″

Tork Xpress® Recessed Cabinet Towel Adapter H2

H2 dispenser adapters are available for recessed and wall mounted stainless steel units, for both deep and shallow cabinets. Available in three different heights. Tork Vision enabled. Quick and easy to install – no need to renovate or drill. Just place the adapter in the cabinet and start filling it with Tork Xpress™ multifold hand towels.