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Creating space for employee personal belongings has taken on new urgency as offices reconfigure into more flexible and fluid work areas. Welcome to Personal Lockers and Storage Options.

Take a look at some innovative designs that effectively integrate personal and company material storage throughout the evolving workplace.


Maximize your storage capacity and options with this attractive and versatile collection of pedestals, towers, laterals, lockers, wardrobes and credenzas.

Personal Lockers & Storage - HON - Contain - Ruck
Contain By HON

Contain uses many different options to support open plan workstations and private offices. For example, by combining benching applications, personal storage lockers, and collaboration islands, you will have everything you need for a focused work area.

Most importantly, HON delivers a wide range of storage options, including various finishes, bases, and drawers, allowing you to get what you want for any space in your office.

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When it comes time for workers to recharge, RESI provides functional options for cafés and retreat spaces. For example, RESI lockers are useful for storing personal items while creating space division and allowing for private nooks anywhere they’re needed. In addition, RESI can also serve as gathering points for socializing and nourishment. leo.

RESI’s Storage Bistro-Height Compact Collaborative Workstation is designed to thrive in the smaller spaces of your open-concept office. RESI offers workers plenty of secure storage for their personal items while providing a convenient worksurface for meetings and sharing ideas.

Personal Lockers & Storage - Safco - Resi - Island
Safco RESI Collections

The storage creatively optimizes available space while meeting the needs of a more agile workforce. Welcome areas will become more inviting when personal items can be stashed away in a locker.

Collaborative work areas offer more space for working and collaborating. Centrally located storage zones provide needed security for belongings. Choose the right space for getting your work done, while enjoying yourself in the process.

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Spruce up any space with personal storage and locker options that are durable, secure and stylish. In addition, Inscape’s lockers and towers can be outfitted to hold anything – coats, shoes, tech, you name it. Design them to blend in or stand out with loads of color options.


Workbars are the perfect mashup of functional storage and solid worksurface, built to fit in wherever you need it. For instance, by using mixtures of storage solutions and worksurfaces together, they help maximize your workspace without sacrificing style or function.


Stowe away your wallet, snacks, charging cables, or anything else taking over desk space with your own twist on storage classics.

Lay out your perfect lateral with modular interiors that can mix, match and evolve with your storage plans.


Encourage clean spaces all over the office by adding waste and recycle units specifically designed for collaborative spaces. From common areas to lunchrooms, these units really make a statement!

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If your office is feeling crowded, congested, and cramped, give Trace a look. Trace offers intuitive storage options that make the most efficient use of your space.

In other words, this line will help you bring a focused, peaceful atmosphere to your bustling business.

Cubby’s give everyone a secure place to call their own. Trace industrial storage lockers feature reinforced all metal constructed concealed panels for a smooth and refined appearance both inside and out.

Further, Trace lockers can be installed and configured in countless ways to meet all your storage needs. For example, add as an accent wall, divide a space, or as counter-height worksurface support.


In addition to our industry-leading family of metal lockers, Great Openings now offers laminate lockers. The warmth and versatility of laminate construction is a great complement to all that GO offers. Laminate lockers are available in most of Great Openings’ standard locker dimensions. Choose from a wide selection of Wilsonart and Formica wood grains and patterns, both TFL and HPL. With the relative ease of laminate customization, we also welcome special requests.

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GO’s electronic locks combine lock and door pull in one and can be used alone or with the Full Pull.
Fixed Mode
Once a code is created, that code remains in effect until the user changes it.
Revolving Mode
Also called hotelling or single use mode, the code is cleared after each complete locking cycle.

Personal Lockers & Storage - Greatopenings - Trace - Lockers 5
Personal Lockers & Storage - Greatopenings - Trace - Lockers 5

GO With Color:
Adding a pop of color to your lockers can make a dramatic statement in any space. Trace offers the best color selection in the industry, including:
1. 72 standard colors
2. Additional “Industry Favorite” colors
3. Custom color-match services


1200 Series Personal Lockers are an essential component of the new office landscape, providing security for personal belongings. Dedicated personal lockers support hybrid workers when they are out of the office, providing an ‘in office’ space to keep items that are specific to the workplace.

Personal lockers can also be assigned to visiting colleagues who need a place to leave an overnight bag or backpack during their visit. Coming or going, it’s a great solution that offers a flexible and secure personal storage solution for a wide range of spaces and applications.

Globals Lockers are an essential component of the new office landscape, providing security for personal belongings. Dedicated industrial personal lockers create a safe zone between what’s coming into the office and the mix of people in the workplace, for instance.

Advance the wellness protocols in the workplace by providing small personal item lockers for staff. Reduce the amount of personal items on the top of workstations to ensure housekeeping staff clean and sanitize more effectively.

In addition, visiting customers and clients will enjoy having a safe space to store unneeded items while in the office.

Personal Lockers & Storage - Global 1200 lockers 5


Take a look at some of the great features we can build into Global’s lockers to complete your office storage needs.

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