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Task and conference seating continue to evolve, offering more styles and options than ever. Key elements continue to address comfort and ergonomics. Take a look at the gallery to see some of the latest and greatest offerings available today. Also feel free to ask about our demo chair program, allowing you to test drive chairs before you purchase them. As every person’s body is different, selecting the right chair remains a highly personal experience.

Flexion by HON

Seating For a New Era.

Your workplace and the way you get it all done has evolved. Chances are, you’re not stationed in one place all day anymore – and when you’ve got a schedule packed with meetings and project planning, you need a chair that’s as flexible as you are. Meet Flexion!

HON Flexion - Peoples Choice 2023

A Sit That Fits.

People come in all different shapes and sizes. So why choose a chair that’s one-size-fits all? HON’s Ignition® task seating not only supports every body type, it’s intuitive adaptability listens to the way you work and how your office flows. Designed by Wolfgang Deisig, Ignition was conceptualized to anticipate your next move with exceptional quality, remarkable comfort, and customized style.

Elea By Fellowes

Elea™, The Chair That Moves You

Elea is the only chair that allows you to sit comfortably, move naturally, and be well. Our patent-pending suspended seat inherently adapts to your body’s natural movements –allowing for a significantly more active workday.

Industrial-grade alloy steel rods and our cast aluminum frame work together to form a unique load-bearing system, which allows free-movement within a strong construction.

Cipher by HON

Unlock Your Productivity.

We’ve all had days when the ideas aren’t flowing, even though our deadlines are looming. Discomfort is a distraction, so productivity starts when you’ve got the support you need. Cipher™ has an intentional design that puts you at ease so you can unlock the mindset you need to power through the day.

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Humanscale Seating

The highest level of functionality is achieved through simplicity.

Humanscale’s ergonomic home and office chairs replace heavy, complex mechanisms with the sitter’s own body weight and the laws of physics to encourage movement, providing the most comfortable chair available.

Sitonit Seating

One place. Every space.

Sleek, aerodynamic lines give the Sitonit’s collection power, with a look of modern design and sumptuous comfort. Midback and highback mesh chairs are available in multiple frame, arm and base colors. The mesh back features adjustable lumbar bands that provide optimum ergonomics. The comfortable mesh back model comes in 10 colors and the upholstered waterfall seat is available in 10 fabric or leather textile grades with optional contrast stitching.

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Minds, meet Comfort. Comfort, meet Results. 

When a subtle tool like your chair has got your back, there’s really no telling what you might accomplish. Padded upholstered backrests. Supportive, articulating headrests. Crisp, aluminumbodied loop arms. It’s all about the small victories along the way when you’re dealing with the battlefield of the minds.

Solve by HON

Intelligent Design + ReActiv Technology.

Smart people deserve smart chairs. Solve is available in three back styles — 4-way stretch mesh, ReActiv and upholstered ReActiv — that provide three levels of comfort and support. For an exceptional level of comfort, the ReActiv back offers a hexagonal pattern that flexes and moves with you to provide a firm fit while keeping the body cool with continuous air flow. Seating options are available with or without arms and feature a waterfall seat contour that doesn’t just look good, but feels good, too.

Eurotech Seating

Eurotech ioo

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Eurotech 24-7

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The Unsung Hero..

Big and tall, short and petite, and everything in-between — Task office chairs are engineered to fit any body type. Ergonomic options give you the ability to adjust the chair to fit your height, weight, and seating comfort. Task Office Chair designs from Eurotech are incredibly versatile, offering a wide range of options for ergonomic features and style.

VIA Seating

Innovating like no other in the mid-market.

As the seating specialist, Via continues to lead the industry in innovation today. All their categories of seating still live up to the original promise of a rapid manufacturing time and each series has hidden goodness built in that sets it apart. Patented & proprietary Copper-Infused Mesh is available on all mesh back chairs to reduce cross contamination of disease and meet requirements for infectious disease control.

Onda by VIA

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Genie Flex By Via

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Global Seating

Designed to do it all, Global has the perfect “everywhere” chair.

Global has great looking chairs that will fit you and just about anywhere you need a place to sit. From the office to the home, to the college dorm or the hotel work desk, Global’s line-up of chairs fits the bill without taking up too much space. Many series include nesting chairs, task seating and drafting stools, perfect for any environment.

Cliq by HON

Some of the best work results from a collaborative effort.

That’s why Cliq™ brings people together. A welcome addition to any group chat, Cliq seating lets you take care of business from the moment you sit down. Designed with a weight-activated control that responds to your body and its movements, Cliq just gets you— providing instant comfort without a lot of adjustments. It’s light-scaled for a modern look that’s also easy to maneuver around wherever the group discussion takes you.

Cofi by HON

Sit Down, Stand Out.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression — so why not make a memorable one with Cofi? The sophisticated seating solution features a refined design, detailed stitching, and premium materials for a remarkably elevated feel. Whether you’re calling the shots in a private office or presiding over a board meeting in a conference room, Cofi’s variety of looks makes it easy to represent your company’s image.

Ceres by HON

Designed with Purpose.

With the genuine, purposeful design of Ceres, HON offers a superior seating experience in a stylish, beautiful chair. The pivot-back provides comfort and encourages movement, making Ceres a smart solution for collaborative spaces, training rooms, and guest seating.

Nucleus By HON

Science, Meet Sophistication.

With a design driven by science and comfort you have to experience to believe, you’ll be relaxed, focused and productive all day long. Nucleus allows you to personalize your sit with adjustable arms and lumbar support plus easy-to-reach controls. The 4-Way Stretch mesh back offers cool, long-lasting support for the total ergonomic experience.

9to5 seating

Bringing new senses of design, comfort, health, and well-being to spaces.

Office chairs are critical to employee productivity and success. They are one of a few things that every employee in the organization touches and uses on a daily basis at work. A great office chair can make or break the work day. With a comfortable chair, ergonomically designed and specifically specified for the intended use, workers are properly positioned for a more productive work day.

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