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The powerful Comfort Pak was designed by backpackers to reduce operator stress and fatigue. Its ergonomic frame includes padded shoulder straps, while its lumbar support provides both support and stability while allowing air to flow over the operator’s back. Comfort Pak’s superior harness design lifts the tank higher on the back and closer to the body, reducing operator strain. Weight is mainly distributed over the hip area. Lightweight and easy to maneuver vs. the more strenuous use and motion of a traditional upright vacuum. An onboard tool kit is ideal for carpet and hard floors, overhead, and detail cleaning operations. 6 and 10 qt capacity models.

The first truly comfortable canister vac

The first truly comfortable canister vac Designed by backpackers, the Clarke® Comfort Pak Backpack Vacuum is the first truly comfortable canister vacuum.

Padded shoulder straps and innovative lumbar support ensure comfortable stability, distributing the weight over the hip like a well-designed backpack. It’s also stable and lightweight with an ergonomically designed frame, allowing easy maneuverability around furniture and obstacles.

  1. Innovative filter bag closure system makes changing bags easy and mess-free
  2. Quiet, 62 bB A sound level is quieter than most competitors
  3. 6- or 10-quart capacity matches operator size and strength
  4. 4-stage filtration, HEPA optional, minimizes dust
  5. Swivel hose allows left or right hand operation for easy versatility
  6. Unique harness design lets cool air move around operators back, enhancing comfort
  7. Green Label approved by CRI + Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval

Proven superior by independent testing The Sweden-based Tva Ergonomer Testing and Ergonomic Consultancy Bureau compared Clarke® Comfort Pak Backpack Vacuum Cleaners to three other leading brands of backpack vacuums. The bureau concluded that the Comfort Pak rated “better than rival backpack vacuums on all design criteria.” This ergonomic evaluation also noted the importance of the Comfort Pak’s light weight and overall harness design in minimizing stress and strain on the body.


  1. Highly adjustable harness and belt
  2. Gel pack protects the operator’s back
  3. Exhaust air is directed up and away from operator
  4. Low 62 dBA noise level for day time operation
  5. Includes bent wand, universal carpet & floor tool
  6. Onboard tools: dusting, crevice & chair
  7. 1300 watt, 144 CFM airflow, 99” water lift
  1. Hose restraint keeps hose in place during use
  2. 50′ yellow detachable safety cord
  3. Convenient cord restraint
  4. 3 stage filtration, with optional HEPA filter
  5. Vacuum bag includes adhesive for easy sealing
  6. Easily detachable motor for servicing
  7. CRI Seal of Approval; contributes to LEED points


  1. 9060707010 – Comfort Pak 10 quart vacuum
  2. 9060610010 – Comfort Pak 6 quart vacuum
  3. 1471098510 – Comfort Pak 6 Dust Bag (10 pack)
  4. 1471097510 – Comfort Pak 10 Dust Bag (10 pack)
  5. 1471095500 – Comfort Pak Motor Pre-Filter (3 pack)
  6. 1471089500 – Comfort Pak Exhaust Filter (3 pack)
  7. 1471104500 – Comfort Pak HEPA exhaust filter (optional filter)