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It’s important to have good lighting at your desk so you don’t strain your eyes while typing away on your computer or going over documents. Society may be moving away from paper toward digital records, but desk lamps continue to have a role in the workplace or in the home even if you’re rarely hunched over your desk, staring at a pile of paper these days.

Best desk lamps take full advantage of LED lighting technology, creating lamps that are both stylish and energy efficient. The great quality of light you receive from LED makes these lamps enjoyable to use anytime you need a bit of extra light.


Lamp Options / How to Choose

How to Choose??

When buying a desk lamp for any room in your home or office, there are a few things that need to be considered aside from just its appearance. To make sure that you make the right decision and give the right amount of lighting to your room, make sure to take note of the following tips so that your next lamp purchase can give you the warm, cozy illumination in your office while at the same time allowing the necessary space for other items that should also be present on the same table where you will be placing your new lamp.


An ideal height for a living room desk lamp is 26 to 34 inches. Another way to determine if the height of your lamp is just right is by sitting on the sofa or chair next to the lamp. The bottom of the lamp shade should be the same level as your eyes, not higher.


Choose a lamp that has a stable base. If you want to purchase a table lamp with a skinny, candlestick-style base, make sure that is substantially weighted so that it doesn’t easily get knocked off when someone bumps it accidently.


There should be a light source every 10 feet or so. For lamps positioned between sofas and chairs, it is best to have slim or transparent base so that conversations and sight lines flow freely.


A lamp’s shade should never be wider than the table where it sits. A fabric or semi-opaque paper shade provides a warm glow, while an opaque shade of any material can minimize glare especially when your lamp is placed near your television. If your interior design is modern, go for drum shades. For traditional homes, choose the conical ones.


If you are going to use your lamp for reading, get a bulb that is at least 60 watts. Use a three-way bulb or a dimmer to control its brightness.


Look around your living room and take note of the overall décor. Consider this when choosing your desk lamp and make sure to purchase one that complements the design of this space so that it blends seamlessly with the rest of your lighting fixtures and furniture.