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Today, many people are rolling out of bed into makeshift offices in the spare bedroom, at the dining room table, or even on their couch while working from home. 

No doubt, the hybrid workforce is here to stay, at least at many companies. So, the goal should be to make the most of it, increasing employee happiness, productivity, and engagement. Building a strong connected culture in this changing new world will require new approaches and continual innovations. 

Some of the best practices we are helping clients achieve are highlighted below:

  • Creating a corporate standards program and budget for home office setup and support
  • Enabling employees to easily order products online from vendors supporting your approval and billing procedures
  • Providing furniture solutions better aligned with home aesthetics, suited for smaller spaces, and that are easy-to-assemble
  • Ensuring furniture purchases are commercial grade and support ergonomics and well-being

Make your space work

Ergonomic Setup

WFH - Ergonomic Corrections Image

Get your Stretch on

WFH - Ergonomic Sit Smarter Image
WFH - Ergonomic Tips For Comfort Image

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