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Welcome back to the office. It’s been a while!

It's Good To Be Back

Returning to a pre-pandemic work life feels a bit like going back to a destination we visited years ago. Many things are familiar, others look different. What lies ahead is somewhat unknown mainly because we’re entering an entirely new era of work.

Are your employees in the office, or planning to return in at least a hybrid form before the end of 2023? If the answer is “yes,” we have some ideas to inject vibrancy, energy and a feeling of home into your workspace.

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic panels enhance the esthetics and function of every office space by absorbing sound and lowering noise levels. Overall, they help increase concentration and productivity, creating a superior work atmosphere. We have the acoustic solutions for all your office spaces. 

A workplace buzzing with excitement can increase productivity. However taken a step too far, workers will be driven to distraction with higher stress levels. So keep disruptive noise levels at bay with panels designed to help with sound absorption and noise reduction. Panels made with sound deadening material and acoustic treatments work best.

Outdoor Seating

Create a space where employees can take their work outside or take a break and relax with our weather-resistant and modern outdoor seating.

Since returning from working at home has become more prevalent in most of our lives, it can be difficult to maintain a proper work-life balance. Unfortunately, this can result in inefficient task management and pushing deadlines. If you wish to take your office productivity to a whole new level, here are some fantastic outdoor workspace ideas.

Please Take a look at the suggestions to properly utilize a garden or spare outside office space to help you be productive.

Lockers & Storage

Creating space for employee personal belongings has taken on new urgency as offices reconfigure into more flexible and fluid work areas. Welcome to Personal Lockers and Storage Options.

Take a look at some innovative designs that effectively integrate personal and company material storage throughout the evolving workplace.