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What's in a Roast?

The degree to which coffee beans are roasted has a profound impact on the taste, aroma, and overall coffee experience. Roasting creates unique flavors and experiences But it’s not just about the roast; it’s also about the generation sipping that brew. So, let’s embark on a flavorful expedition through the world of coffee roasts and how they align with different generations’ preferences… Dive into the world of coffee roasts and discover how different generations enjoy their brews. Let’s sip our way through it!

Light Roast: The Lively Awakening

Are you all about vibrant and distinctive flavors? Light roasts are your best friends! Roasted for a shorter time, they preserve the coffee’s unique characteristics, offering floral and fruity notes with a delightful acidity. Generation Z adores the innovation and vibrancy these roasts bring, and their fast-paced lifestyle calls for quick and convenient options. New England Breakfast Blend available in K-Cups, One-Pound Bags, and Portion Packs and Alterra FreshPack Morning Blend for Flavia Brewers are top picks for them.

Medium Roast: The Balanced Classic

Medium roasts strike the perfect balance, retaining the coffee’s origin while providing a delightful blend of acidity and body. Generation X appreciates this harmony, favoring the harmonious blend of flavors, nuttiness, and a touch of chocolate. Their go-to choices include Starbuck’s Pike Place, Philtz Tesora, and Peets Cafe Domingo. Starbuck’s Pike Place is available by the one-pound Bag of Ground or Whole Bean including K-Cups & Portion Packs, Philz Coffee Comes in one-pound Bags of Whole or Ground Beans and Frac Packs, Peet’s Cafe Domingo is available in one-pound Bag of Ground Beans including K-Cups, Portion Packs, & Flavia FreshPacks.

Medium-Dark Roast: The Flavorful Transition

Seeking a bolder and fuller flavor experience? Medium-dark roasts bring notes of caramel and a subtle smokiness, resonating with Baby Boomers. Reminding them of the coffee they enjoyed in their youth, this balanced and rich flavor captures their preference for intensity without overwhelming the palate. Folgers Colombian, Heirloom Bedrock, JFG Bonus Blend, & La Colombe Monaco from Flavia are fantastic options. Folgers Colombian Coffees come in K-Cups, Filter Packs, Pre-Measured Packs, and Asst. Can Sizes. Heirloom Bedrock offers Whole Bean & Ground Options. New England Coffee JFG comes in a 30.6-Ounce Container. Flavia La Colombe Monaco is sold by the case of 76 FreshPacks.

Dark Roast: The Bold Indulgence

For those who prefer bold, robust flavors, dark roasts are the way to go. Roasted until the oils emerge, they offer a deep, smoky, and sometimes bitter profile. The Silent Generation finds comfort in this familiarity, aligning with their preference for time-honored traditions. Bold espresso choices like Philz Jacobs Wonderbar Dark Blend, Flavia’s FreshPacks of Starbucks Verona, Sumatra, & Intenso options, or Peets French Roast and Tully’s French Roast are perfect for them. Philz Wonderbar Comes in One-Pound bags of Ground or Whole Beans. Flavia Verona, Sumatra, & Intenso comes by the case of 76 FreshPacks. Peet’s Coffee has K-Cups, Portion Packs, and One-Pound Bag options. Tullys has K-Cup Selections.

Espresso Roast: The Heart of Espresso

Crafted for the unique demands of espresso, these roasts extract rich, concentrated flavors, delivering a full body, intense aroma, and a bittersweet taste. Millennials, known for their adventurous spirit and love for unique flavors, embrace this journey. Coffee is not just a drink for them; it’s an experience. Flavia’s FreshPacks for Starbucks Blond & Perfetto Espresso, or Café Bustelo, and Green Mountain Black Granite, will cater to their preferences.

While your generation may offer insights into your coffee roast preference, personal taste ultimately decides the perfect cup. Coffee culture continues to evolve, with people from different generations exploring a wide range of roasts to find their favorites. Whether you’re enjoying a classic dark roast like a Baby Boomer or savoring the unique flavors of a light roast like a Millennial, coffee brings people of all generations together.

Elevate your office coffee experience with our Flavia Coffee Systems! Their innovative brewing technology caters to all tastes, from light roast to espresso and lattes. So, what’s your perfect cup of coffee? Discover it today with Flavia.