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Green Is The New Black (C)

Have you heard? Green is the new Black! Taking care of the environment can start right at your desk. AAA Business Supplies & Interiors carries supplies for the office that are a little more environmentally friendly.

Let us Show You 
Greener Supplies 
Are The way to Go!

Writing in style

Pilot B2P

Pilot’s B2P pen is made from plastic bottles and looks a little like a plastic bottle.

Pilot BeGreen B2P Fine Point Gel Pens

Bic’s Ecolution

Bic’s Ecolution pens and mechanical pencils barrels are made of at least 30% Post-Consumer Waste, plus the packaging is made of 100% recycled content.

BIC Ecolutions Clic Stic Ballpoint Pen

uniball ONyX

uniball uses recycled consumer electronics to make their ONYX line of pens.

uniball™ Onyx Rollerball Pens

Pentel's Energel

Looking for a more stylish pen that you can reuse? Why not use a refillable pen? Pentel’s Energel pen looks nice, is smudge proof, smear proof, quick-drying and refillable.

EnerGel EnerGel-X Retractable Gel Pens

Essentials for your desk

3M Desk Tape

A desk doesn’t seem complete without a roll of tape and Post-it notes. 3M’s Magic Greener Tape is composed of recycled or plant-based materials, making it more environmentally friendly.

3M Greener Notes

3M also has a line of Post-it notes made of recycled paper. You can recycle them when you are done!

Greener postit notes

Desk Organizers

Keep your supplies and desk organized with products made from recycled content.

Recycled Copy Paper

Copy paper is an easy choice when it comes to using products made from recycled materials. AAA Business Supplies & Interiors has several options of recycled copy paper available for next day delivery!

Desk area

Deflecto Plant-Based Mats

Chair mats put the finishing touch on the any office.  These Deflecto chairmats are made from Plant-Based materials, offering a natural alternative to vinyl.

Deflecto Earth Source Hard Floor Chair Mat

Glass Chairmats

For a classier look, consider using a glass chairmats, eliminating vinyl altogether! Made of 100% recycled glass, and fully recyclable again.

Glaciermat® Heavy Duty Glass Chair Mat for Hard Floors & Carpets - 40_ x 53

Recycle Bins

Finally, encourage recycling at the office with a recycling bin, at your desk, in the office or in common areas.

Genuine Joe 23 Gallon Recycling Container

Finishing touches

Facial Tissues

Be gentle on your nose and the planet! Recycled facial tissues provide a sustainable alternative for everyday use, promoting environmental consciousness by reducing waste and minimizing ecological impact.

Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Facial Tissues

Kitchen Towels

Recycled kitchen roll towels are a sustainable alternative for cleaning and wiping tasks, reducing environmental impact by utilizing recycled materials.

Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Paper Towels

Paper Hand Towels

Recycled paper hand towels offer a sustainable alternative to conventional options, promoting eco-consciousness by utilizing post-consumer waste materials.

Affex Universal Hand Towel Roll

Bath Tissues

Finally, Recycled bath tissue offers an eco-friendly alternative by utilizing post-consumer waste paper to produce soft and sustainable toilet paper.

Marcal 100% Recycled, Soft & Absorbent Bathroom Tissue

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Make a real difference with your office supplies choices. When you shop with AAA Business Supplies & Interiors, you can choose from a wide range of eco-friendly options. Sustainable and recycled products don’t mean a sacrifice in quality either. Try our products today and start making a positive impact.