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Meet our Facilities Maintenance Expert, Tom

When it comes to choosing environmentally friendly or sustainable cleaning products, we hear the words “Plant-Based” and “Green Cleaning” solutions but is there a difference between the two or are those just buzz words used to capture sales? We turned to Tom, for more insight.

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The real Deal

Plant-based and Green cleaning solutions are indeed legitimate terms when it comes to cleaning supplies.

Both aim to minimize environmental impact and potential health hazards.

However, there are differences between the two that might lead you to choose one over the other.

environmental impact and potential health hazards

The run Down


Plant-based cleaning solutions primarily utilize ingredients derived from plants, such as essential oils, citrus extracts, and other botanical extracts. These ingredients are often renewable and biodegradable.

Green cleaning solutions, on the other hand, encompass a broader range of environmentally friendly ingredients, including plant-based ones but also minerals, enzymes, and other natural substances. They may also incorporate recycled materials or packaging.

Chemical Composition:

Plant-based cleaners tend to avoid synthetic chemicals altogether, relying solely on natural plant-derived ingredients.

Green cleaning solutions may include some synthetic chemicals, but the chemicals are typically selected for their low environmental impact and safety profile.

Environmental Impact:

Plant-based cleaners often have a minimal environmental footprint since their ingredients are renewable and biodegradable.

Green cleaning solutions aim to minimize environmental impact by using ingredients that are biodegradable and non-toxic, as well as energy efficiency in production and sustainable packaging.

Certifications and Standards:

Plant-based: There are various certifications for plant-based products, such as USDA Organic, which ensure that the products are made primarily from plant-derived ingredients.

Green cleaning solutions may adhere to specific eco-labeling standards like EcoLogo or Green Seal, which assess the environmental impact of the product’s entire lifecycle.


Plant-based cleaners can be effective for many cleaning tasks but may sometimes be less potent than chemical-based alternatives, particularly for heavy-duty cleaning.

Green cleaning solutions prioritize effectiveness alongside environmental considerations, often using combinations of natural ingredients to achieve cleaning power comparable to traditional cleaners.



Plant-based and green cleaning solutions both share the goal of reducing environmental impact and potential health risks. Plant-based solutions focus specifically on using plant-derived ingredients, whereas green cleaning encompasses a wider range of environmentally friendly practices and ingredients.

Are you ready to switch to a more sustainable cleaning product? We suggest EcoClean by Clorox or Betco’s Green Earth. Happy cleaning!

What Will You Choose?