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The Ultimate Breakroom Cleaning Arsenal

In the heart of every workplace, the office breakroom serves as a communal space where colleagues unwind and recharge. To ensure a healthy and inviting environment, cleanliness is paramount. Check out our curated list of essential tools and products to keep your breakroom clean and inviting for those much-needed breaks!

Hand Sanitizers: Experience cleanliness at your fingertips

Hand sanitizers are effective in killing many types of germs and bacteria picked up in a breakroom, thus providing a convenient way to maintain hand hygiene on the go. However, it’s important to use them properly by applying enough sanitizer to cover all surfaces of your hands and rubbing them together until dry for optimal effectiveness.

Breakroom Purell Sanitizer

Brooms and Mops: Sweeping Away Grime and Ensuring Freshness

A clean breakroom begins with the basics. Quality brooms and mops are unsung heroes in the battle against dust, crumbs, and spills. Regular sweeping and mopping not only keep the floors looking pristine but also contribute to a hygienic space that everyone can enjoy. Auto Scrubbers are also a covenant way to clear larger areas fast & effectively in place of mops.

Brooms and Mops (1)
Dish Soaps

Dish Soap: Banishing Germs from Utensils to Surfaces

The breakroom is a hub of activity, with dishes, utensils, and surfaces constantly in use. Opting for a powerful dish soap is crucial to banish germs and maintain a clean eating area. Ensure your soap effectively tackles bacteria, leaving utensils and kitchen surfaces sparkling and safe for use. And don’t forget a new dish brush at least once a month.

Disinfecting Cleaners: No surface is complete until its disinfected

Breakroom disinfection cleaners play a crucial role in maintaining a hygienic and safe environment for employees. These specialized cleaners are designed to effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens commonly found in shared spaces like breakrooms. They often contain antimicrobial agents that target specific germs while providing a quick and convenient solution for regular cleaning routines. The use of breakroom disinfection cleaners not only helps prevent the spread of illnesses but also promotes a sense of well-being among employees, fostering a healthier workplace overall.

Disinfecting Cleaners
Tork Paper Towels

Towels: Wiping Away Residue for a Fresh Start

From spills to handwashing, having an ample supply of clean towels is essential. Choose absorbent and durable options to tackle messes effectively. Tork Paper Towels are renowned for their exceptional absorbency and durability, making them a reliable choice for quick and effective cleanups. With a commitment to sustainability, Tork ensures their paper towels are made from responsibly sourced materials, reflecting their dedication to both performance and environmental responsibility.

Surface Disinfectant Wipes: Quick and Convenient Clean-Up

For a swift and convenient way to disinfect frequently touched surfaces, keep disinfectant wipes readily available. These wipes are perfect for cleaning tables, countertops, and appliances, providing a quick solution to maintain a sanitary environment between deeper cleaning sessions.

Disinfecting Wipes
Waste Containers

Trash Bags and Bins: Streamlining Waste Management

Proper waste disposal is a cornerstone of a clean breakroom. High-quality trash bags and bins help streamline waste management, preventing odors and ensuring a clutter-free space. Regularly empty and replace trash bags to maintain a pleasant and hygienic atmosphere.

Cloth Wipers

Microfiber Wipers: The Green Way to Clean

Microfiber Wipers are durable and efficient cleaning tools designed for versatile use in commercial and residential settings. Known for their superior absorbency and lint-free performance, these wipers effectively capture and remove Viruses, dirt, dust, and bacteria, providing a reliable solution for maintaining a clean and sanitary environment. Toss in the wash and reuse for less waste.

Air Fresheners: Infusing a Breath of Freshness

Elevate the breakroom ambiance with strategically placed air fresheners. A pleasant fragrance not only masks odors but also contributes to a positive and inviting atmosphere. Choose subtle scents that enhance the overall experience without overwhelming the space.

Air Fresheners

Keep It Clean

Maintaining impeccable breakroom sanitation is essential for fostering a healthy and comfortable workplace environment. Regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, appliances, and communal areas within the breakroom not only contribute to the overall well-being of employees but also help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. 

It is imperative to establish clear guidelines for the proper disposal of waste, ensuring that trash bins are regularly emptied and recycling practices are adhered to. Additionally, promoting personal responsibility among employees by encouraging them to clean up after themselves and promptly report any spills or messes contributes to a collaborative effort in upholding breakroom hygiene standards. 

By prioritizing breakroom sanitation, organizations not only prioritize the health and safety of their workforce but also create a positive and inviting space for employees to recharge and connect during their breaks.