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Make your staff’s Breakroom more welcoming & comfortable, and it will help ensure your team is more likely to form long-lasting and meaningful connections with each other. People tend to brainstorm with one another, even if they don’t realize it, about projects they are working on while eating in a relaxed environment. This connection is excellent for your company and employees by building these workplace friendships, making them more satisfied at work and engaged with their roles.

Give your most important asset all the comforts of home by creating a cozy oasis to improve productivity and decrease stress levels while increasing employee retention rates.

Let’s get started breaking down the breakroom areas!

Comfortable Seating

Few places in an office setting are as important as a breakroom. Everyone needs a place to recharge and rest (gossip!), and a well-designed office breakroom is a great way to show employees how much they are truly valued.

A great way to make your breakroom more appealing is to furnish it with comfortable seating. So, when you’re designing your interior, consider items such as:

  • Large Couches
  • Lounge Booths
  • Chaise Longues
  • Beanbags

Collaborative Tables

Adding tables to a breakroom is a simple yet effective way to enhance the space. Tables provide a dedicated area for employees to enjoy meals, collaborate on projects, or work independently if needed. This addition encourages social interaction and teamwork, making the breakroom a more versatile and inviting environment. Whether it’s for a quick coffee break or a team meeting, tables in the breakroom promote a sense of community and productivity, ultimately improving the overall experience for employees.

  • Lounge Booths
  • Bar Tops

Exciting kitchen area

Coffee and lunch breaks are vital for your employees to get to know one another. With our help, your kitchen can become a collaboration area with social interaction. Your employees will intermingle as they venture for much-needed coffee or grab a bite. These chance encounters will help your team form connections that promote team bonding, boosting the company culture and preventing your team from developing a silo mentality.

Without a communal kitchen, your team will leave this office to go their separate ways in search of an alternative lunchtime hangout. That’s a BIG missed opportunity. So, it’s time to make your on-site kitchen the place to be. 

Think about items like:

  • Coffee Bar
  • Snack Bar
  • Touchless Solutions
  • Appliances

Add A Library Space for a Hungry Mind

Libraries can be a life-changing addition to the breakroom for employees who struggle with stress. Reading books can be just as effective as yoga at reducing stress.

The addition of a bookshelf or library area in your breakroom allows employees to escape temporarily, leaving the buzz of the office behind mentally and reset for a bit to be ready for the day ahead.

These items come to mind:

  • Reading Chairs
  • Phone Booth
  • Lounge Chairs

Snack & Recuperate

A recuperation area isn’t only for those who enjoyed a few too many drinks the night before. Some employees want to unwind on a comfy chair and listen to their newest audiobook or take a 20-minute power nap.

Give employees somewhere to rest and recuperate, and it will help them return to work with newfound enthusiasm and engagement.

After a few moments in this rejuvenating space, your employees will return to work feeling calm, refreshed, and in control.

Such items as the following:

  • Comfortable seating & Ottoman’s
  • Acoustic Solutions

Eat Outdoors

For many office & remote employees, spending time outside is essential to breaking up the workday routine. Some people love to take their lunch breaks on the patio, while others may have created an outdoor area to enjoy fresh air and vitamin D from the sun while working. Exterior spaces allow airy spots for workers to relax, breathe, and refresh between assignments.

Establishing an outdoor break area is an excellent way to help your team de-stress and regroup while on the job. With our help & proper planning and the right chic and comfortable furniture, we will create a tranquil, collaborative open-air break area for your employees to enjoy.

Great pieces to think about:

  • Tables
  • Benches
  • Lounge Seating
  • Planters

Mobile Power solutions

Providing flexible power suitable for today’s work environment is a big undertaking. We can offer a portable power solution that anyone can set up within seconds. Assist high productivity by supporting a flexible work environment by adding proper power solutions for all your devices in any office area, indoors or out.

Breakroom Seating